About Caynac

Caynac is derived from the Mesopotamian word “Kaynak”, which means “Source of Information”. Mesopotamia is one of the oldest civilizations we know. Founder Ali Yasar believes the meaning is appropriate for his new venture.

Caynac was founded in 2015 after Mr. Yasar mastered in online marketing, SEO optimization and social media marketing. In collaboration with the web designers of Bugloos, Mr. Yasar developed the Caynac platform to make international trade more accessible to all companies.

How does Caynac work

Caynac is an automated business to business (B2B) platform that makes it possible for companies to offer their products internationally and to search online for foreign products. See the animated video for the full presentation.


Caynac focuse is on bringing international companies together so that they can trade. The transparent and automated online marketing platform ensures that the parties can find each other easy and quick.


Our vision is to globally reach as many companies as possible, and to offer the opportunity to use our services. In addition to the marketing platform, Caynac also provides information and help to companies. Soon, Caynac will become an internationally recognized name in the field of international trade.

Core values

  • Promotion of international trade
  • Affordable & convenient
  • Transparant

Meet Caynac

Are you not familiar enough with import and export? Read about it on our website. See what we can do for you, and what our added value we have for your company with your own eyes. Take this opportunity to trade internationally.