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How to buy international products

If you are registered, you can immediately respond to a product you’re interested in as soon as you see it. By clicking on the desired product, you will go directly to the interest form. Your interest will be sent to the seller with just a few clicks.

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We know as an entrepreneur you have little time, so we try to make it as easy as possible for you to buy international products. We do this by sending you periodic e-mails with products that meet your needs. You can set your desired countries and branches in your account, and also indicate how often you would want to receive the e-mails.

You can choose from the following frequencies:

  • Weekly
  • Every other week
  • Monthly

If you are interested in a product, you can respond directly via the product link in the e-mail. With a single click, you will get directly to the interest form of your desired product. After that, your interest will be sent directly to the seller.

Your submitted interests are automatically saved in your personal account environment. After the request is checked by our administration, the interest will be sent directly to the seller. If the seller confirms, both parties will receive each other’s contact information.

As most of the process is automated, responses will be quick; so you will not have to wait long for the seller’s answer. Also, this service is free for the buyer.

Why Caynac in 3 steps

Access to all products

Viewing our international product database is free and without obligation. With the product platform, you will find as much information, photos, videos, and specifications as possible. This makes it easier for you to make choices.

Sign up and create an account

To respond to a product it is necessary to create an account; all your activities on our platform will be stored, and you can easily manage your account.

Email of desired products

Caynac offers two options for finding suitable products: In addition to searching in our extensive online database, we can send you emails of interesting products based on your needs and preferences. You can indicate how often you would like to receive emails and which branches and countries you want to receive products from.

Being informed about interesting products

Our products are categorized based on branches and countries. In order not to miss anything, you can select the branches and countries which you want to receive notifications from.

How to sell products internationally

Caynac is the perfect partner for offering your product to new international markets. Having multiple products? No problem at all. You can start immediately after creating a profile..

  • Registration is free and without obligation
  • Offer one or more products
  • Promotion of your products on our online channels

Register as a company

This is your chance to trade internationally in an easy, affordable, and quick way, and to expand your international customer base. Register now to immediately offer products internationally. You trade internationally with Caynac.