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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


    What does Caynac mean?

    The name Caynac comes from the word Kaynak; Meaning “The source of information”.

    The word comes from the Mesopotamia region, the area that civilization started from.

    How does Caynac work?

    Caynac consists of two parts.

    The website: Where you can find all information about the activities and topics involved.

    The platform: Where you can find and perform all activities related to the products, companies, and email activities.

    Caynac works in a B2B (Business to Business) environment. This means all activities

    are only intended for companies.

    What are the working areas?

    The Caynac working area is global and worldwide.

    We started in Europe and we want to expand to about 200 countries worldwide.

    You can see which countries we are already active in on our website.

    What is the purpose of Caynac?

    Caynac’s goal is to gather global supply and demand on its platform to improve international trade.

    What are Caynac's core values?

    Offering products and/or search for the customers for the products, offered in a fast, easy and affordable way.

    What is Caynac's vision?

    Our vision is to reach as many companies worldwide as possible and to offer them the opportunity to use our services. In addition to the marketing platform, we also want to offer information and help companies with international activities.


    Our goal is to be a leading company when it comes to international trade.

    How can you stop your subscription?

    You can stop your subscription at any time. Your membership will remain until the end of the paid period. You can still offer products until the end of the paid period.

    After unsubscribing, your account can still be held without obligation and free of charge if you wish. It is still possible to respond to the new products that have been offered. But you can no longer offer products.

    How can I report a problem?

    You can always report problems by submitting in our live chat on our website home page, or our email ( We would provide a quick response and a solution that will allow you to continue.

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    What are the registration conditions?

    You can read conditions in the registration page. You will see the conditions at the bottom of the registration form, and tick if you agree. Then you will be able to continue the registration.

     One of the most important conditions is that you can only register as a company.

    How can I register my company?

    You can register by filling the registration form. There are several links that lead you to the registration form on the website and the platform.

    You can register as: 

    • product provider.
    • product responder
    • or both cases
    Is registration required?

    You are always welcomed on our website and platform. It is free and without obligation to visit our site and view products. You do not have to register at this point. But if you want to undertake an activity in our platform, which may be offering a product or responding to a product, you must register firs.

    What are the advantages of registering?

    Signing up offers your company the advantage of you being known to us so we as a platform could help and support your company with further activities.

     Signing up gives you access to all the active in the platform. If a product is offered that meets your needs and you do not have time to visit the platform, No problem! The desired product will be sent to you by email. You are the first to be informed. You can also respond directly to the product via the received email.

     After registration you also get your own private account, in which all activities of you are archived.

    What can you do if you encounter a problem?

    If you have a problem and you don’t know what to do, you can report it on the website via our live chat and we can immediately support you to solve the problem. You can also pass it on by email (


    What is a product platform?

    The platform is the active part of our website.

    It offers the possibility of:

    • Registering your company
    • Offering products.
    • View and respond to the products.
    • Email activities.

    You will find all the necessary information about Caynac and its activities on the website (Front page).

    Who can view the products?

    Everyone has free and non-binding access to all products. If you intend to carry out activities on the platform, you are obliged to create a profile first.

    Where can I find product details?

    If you click on the “view details” on the desired product, you will see the details of the products and also, you can respond to the product.

    Problems with the products platform?

    If you have any problems on the platform, we can help you directly by the live chat on our website. If you prefer to send an email, that is also possible. You can send to


    What are the costs?
    • Subscription: To be allowed to offer products three packages are available, € 49 (1 month invoice), € 128 (3 months invoice), and € 490 (12 months invoice).
    How can I make the payments?

    When you create a company profile, you will be asked if you also want to offer products. If the answer is “Yes”; You will be linked to the payment platform and there, you can pay the costs. You only pay the subscription fee if you want to offer products. If as a product provider, you would like to get in touch with a registered buyer, you will first be asked to pay a commission and will be redirected to the payment platform. After you have paid the commission, you will receive the details of the buyer to get in touch.

    What can I do in case of a payment problem?

    Usually, when you retry the payment process, the problem will solve itself. If the problem still occurs, you can contact one of the employees via our live chat. Then we will help you immediately with the problem. If you prefer to send an email, you can do so via the email address;

    Leave a message. We will respond as soon as possible with a solution.

    What are the advantages of a subscription?

    With a subscription you are continuously informed of new companies interested in your products. Even if you have already found a buyer, we will continue to offer more companies interested in your products. This happens via regular email that you receive in the desired period of time. Ultimately, you will see rapid growth in your sales.