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How to sell products internationally

Exporting has never been easier. All you have to do is register your products on our platform and we will do the rest. After registering your company, we will start offering your products internationally both on our platform and via e-mail marketing.

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Within your profile, you can easily upload photos and information of your products with the special registration form. The number of products you can offer is unlimited. However, it is necessary to use a separate registration form for each product. This makes it possible to manage the activities and results of the various products separately from each other.


To help you with this, we have made an animated video that explains how to register a new product step by step.

There are three packages to be chosen including 1 month plan € 49, 3 months plan € 128 and 12 months plan € 490 for offering your product/s on our platform that allows you to:


  • Offer one or more products in countries where we operate.
  • Categorize products in branches so that they are easier to find.
  • Sell ​​your products abroad via e-mail marketing.
  • Manage all activities and information about your products in one place.
  • Receive notifications if a buyer is interested in your products.

As soon as your products are correctly registered, we will immediately start promoting your products in the countries where we operate. We not only promote your products in our online database but also in our periodic product emails. These e-mails are tailored to the wishes of the buyers and categorized into branches.

We identify the interests of our buyers in the countries we offer products. This way we can inform the right potential buyers about your new products. We offer your products to as many companies as possible in the matching industry. This significantly increases the chance that you will get in touch with several serious buyers in a short time. This is a fully automated process, which means that contact can be made quickly.

You will be notified immediately by e-mail if a customer shows interest in one of your products. We will check the application before sending the interest to you. If you are also interested in the application, you will receive the buyer’s contact details.

If both parties have confirmed their interest, we will send an email with each other’s contact details so that you can continue negotiating with each other. We are of course very happy that we have arranged a new customer for you, but we do not stop here. We will continue to look for new potential international customers for your products.

Thanks to Caynac you will succeed in finding a new foreign customer in a short time. From that moment on, you can trade directly with your new business contact, without the intervention of us.

You can stop your cooperation with us at any time. Your membership will then continue until the end of the paid period and we will continue to promote your products unless you remove it from the system yourself. You may then keep your account free of charge and continue to receive product emails.

Why Caynac in 3 steps

Easy international trading

All you have to do is register your product, we will do the rest. On Caynac, your product is offered online in many different countries via email marketing. The Caynac platform automates international trading for you.

Affordable system

If you list the costs of self-promoting your products in different countries, you will quickly see that Caynac offers you a unique and cheap opportunity to trade internationally.

Fast actions and results

After correct registration, your products will be offered immediately in all countries where we are active through the online database and email marketing. The Caynac platform automates all activities. We are therefore proud that we have one of the fastest systems to offer products internationally.

A large sales market with many possibilities

We are currently active in 48 countries and have 10 languages at your disposal.
This will soon be extended to all other countries in Europe and important countries in the rest of the world. Our ultimate goal is to expand the website to 150 countries with their own language.
The Caynac website system is prepared for further upscaling as mentioned above.

What are the costs?

For offering your products:

  • We charge a contribution of € 49 for 1 month, € 128 for 3 months, and € 490 for 12 months.
  • Do you want to have an annual contract with us?
  • We also collect your membership on an annual basis.

You may always:

  • Cancel any time
  • Keep your account after cancellation
  • Search for products without obligation and free of charge

Access to the Caynac platform is free and you can always register your company for free and without obligation.

Register as a company

This is your chance to trade internationally easily, affordably, and quickly and to expand your international customer base. Register now to immediately offer products internationally. You trade internationally with Caynac.